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law-abiding / законопослушный, подчиняющийся законам, уважающий законы
имя прилагательное
подчиняющийся законам
уважающий законы
имя прилагательное
obedient to the laws of society.
a law-abiding citizen
In any civilized and law-abiding society the defeat of the terrorist is a public interest of the first importance.
We are very grateful for the response of the law-abiding majority.
They just catch mainly honest and law-abiding citizens who, for the most part, are driving at appropriate speeds.
A law-abiding citizen who gets caught on a traffic camera faces a stiffer penalty!
The problem nowadays is that there is no proper justice for law-abiding people.
It's yet another way of hitting the pocket of the law-abiding , dutiful driver.
Like the rest of the law-abiding citizens of York, I am disgusted with the breakdown of law and order in our city.
He has very high morals and is law-abiding and he's never done anything criminally wrong in his life.
The vast majority of postal workers are decent, honest, law-abiding people.
That mechanism must be respected and used if we are to remain a free and law-abiding nation.