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lav / lav
имя существительное
a lavatory.
By the end of the journey, he can find himself caught seriously short, so the aromatic cubicles that pass for lavs at Bondi Junction station become sanctuaries of blessed relief.
How long should you leave it before using the lav after somebody has come out of there?
I read about classic Tommy Boy recordings in a three year old magazine while I was on the lav this morning.
The red-headed guy goes back to the club, meets a man in the lav , is drugged and wakes up in a deserted industrial area.
‘We have revived an old pub tradition,’ said the landlord, whose cheeky poem placed above the lav explains the ritual.
An occasional escorted walk up or down the aisle to or from the lav or alternating seats next to the window also eased the boredom.
While waiting for the lav , I struck up a conversation with Miss Navy and Mauve and Mr. Green and Khaki.
Would have made sure I went to the lav before I left.
It's not that I'm afraid to fly, but I hate the hassle of standing in this line and then standing in that line - heck, there's usually a line for the lav on the plane!
It's a book designed for the lav but destined to be discussed for years.
The boy standing in the airplane lav with his mother wasn't happy.