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laurel / лавры, лавр благородный, почести
имя существительное
laurel, laurels, bay
лавр благородный
laurel, sweet bay
honors, honor, laurels, laurel, honour
венчать лавровым венком
имя существительное
an aromatic evergreen shrub related to the bay tree, several kinds of which form forests in tropical and warm countries.
With the doors and windows sealed, the air should be purified by sprinkling perfumes and scents and by burning aromatic woods such as laurel , myrtle, rosemary and cypress.
the foliage of the bay tree woven into a wreath or crown and worn on the head as an emblem of victory or mark of honor in classical times.
A year later, the king was crowned with the laurels of victory at Fontenoy.
adorn with or as if with a laurel.
they banish our anger forever when they laurel the graves of our dead
имя существительное
a city in central Maryland, between Washington, DC, and Baltimore; population 22,329 (est. 2008).
Behind a laurel bush, Adriana stripped and lowered herself into the water.
they banish our anger forever when they laurel the graves of our dead
For example, winners were honoured by thrusting a crown of laurel leaves on their heads - and not with the gold, silver and bronze medals they win these days.
On top of all that, she wore a wreath of laurel leaves on her head, like some sort of Roman emperor.
Rhododendron and laurel form dense thickets of glossy green.
Ironically while it won't grow here, its close relative the camphor laurel grows only too well.
She looks like a champion with her laurel wreath.
The chariot, drawn by four horses, was wreathed in laurel , and the triumphator was attired like the Capitoline Jupiter in robes of purple and gold.
On the left side of the panel, two barefoot attendants approach the altar, clad in short tunics and wearing laurel wreaths.
In another interesting display of tradition, the winners in the women's race got to do a victory lap with laurel in their hair.