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laureate / лауреат, придворный поэт
имя существительное
laureate, prizewinner, awardee, prizeman, prize-holder
придворный поэт
имя прилагательное
увенчанный лавровым венком
laureate, laurelled
награждать званием лауреата
увенчивать лаврами
имя прилагательное
wreathed with laurel as a mark of honor.
No social science laureate was awarded this year as nominees did not meet the qualifications.
I fear that the million of whatever currency it is dazzles the British literary world to such an extent that the rest of the laureate 's author-compatriots often remain quasi-invisible.
It's not for nothing that this laureate of embarrassment is an ardent admirer of Kafka.
The poet laureate's role is not new to him as he has been the laureate of Glasgow, where he has lived most of his life and was Professor of English until retiring in 1980.
Whether the laureate speaks for poets, poetry, or the public isn't entirely clear.
A talk among three former U.S. poet laureates, and the current laureate was especially telling.
The 15,000 pound prize awarded to the laureate is not to be sneezed at but the chance of working with the London Symphony Orchestra for a year is to dream of.
He is professor of economics at Columbia University and a Nobel laureate .
Interestingly, Larkin's friend and biographer Andrew Motion went on to become the first academic holder of the poet laureateship .
About those, he says that three quarters of all Nobel laureates in science, medicine, and economics have lived and worked in the U.S. in recent decades.