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launderette / прачечная самообслуживания
имя существительное
прачечная самообслуживания
launderette, washeteria, self-service laundry
имя существительное
a laundromat.
Shared facilities might include, as they do elsewhere, launderette , child-minding facilities, dining and open space.
We reached the launderette , and I knocked on the blue door by the side.
The fully managed complex will include a manager's office, reception area, coffee dock, shop, launderette and security office.
Clean spread sheets were easy to maintain in his first overseas bank because it was in a converted London launderette .
The development is due for completion in autumn of next year, when it will include a residents' gym and launderette .
They run the country's largest and busiest launderette , in Glasgow.
Applicants are invited for a convenience store, pharmacy, bank, crèche, coffee shop, sandwich bar, hair salon, mobile phone outlet, launderette and restaurant.
While waiting for my laundry in the Lost Sock launderette I decided to go exploring.
It includes a bar, restaurant, function room, two suites for meetings, an office, launderette and 26 bedrooms.
The plainclothes policewoman strikes up a conversation with a group of women suspects in the estate's launderette but does not say who she is.
When I was born in 1952, my mother was living in a flat above a launderette in Ellum Broadway.