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launder / стирать и гладить, стираться, настирать
стирать и гладить
wash, wear off, fade, wear away, launder, wear down
wash, launder
имя существительное
лотковый транспортер
wash, or wash and iron, (clothes or linens).
he wasn't used to laundering his own bed linens
имя существительное
a trough for holding or conveying water, especially (in mining) one used for washing ore.
Then she directed her attention towards the Russian mafia, which she said had infiltrated some 300 Swiss companies and were using Switzerland as a piggy bank to launder money.
Second, liberals should not abet conservative efforts to launder the former President's record.
Another worry is that criminals will use the occasion to launder dirty money.
He set up a complex array of bank accounts to launder the money overseas.
Be sure to know beforehand how you are going to launder this fabric, because this is what makes or breaks it.
Victims are confidentially asked to make their bank accounts available to launder the money in exchange for a commission, usually itself a small fortune.
Not having to transport and launder towels is a real boon.
Easy to launder , towels also save on furniture wear and tear.
I told Pamela that I'd launder her clothes and get them back to her somehow.
we began to notice attempts to launder the data retrospectively