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launcher / пусковая установка, гранатомет, пусковое устройство
имя существительное
пусковая установка
launcher, rocket launcher
launcher, projector, grenade-gun
пусковое устройство
starter, launcher
имя существительное
a structure that holds a rocket or missile, typically one used as a weapon, during launching.
a rocket launcher
After firing the launcher is reloaded in under four minutes.
Early this morning an Ariane 4 launcher successfully placed into orbit another satellite for Eutelsat.
Envisat, with its mass of 8 tonnes, will be the heaviest satellite ever to be put into orbit by an Ariane launcher .
a grenade launcher
This was followed by a simulated separation of the spacecraft from the launcher .
The front launcher was recently changed from a missile launcher to a twin laser cannon.
Thereafter, satellite producers could contract directly with launcher providers to deliver payloads to space.
On board is an Intelsat satellite, the 19th to be placed in orbit for the company by an Ariane launcher .
On board the launcher will be not one spacecraft, but two.
After climbing into space on a single launcher , the satellites will adopt orbits passing over the Earth's poles.