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launch / запускать, начинать, бросать
launch, neglect, set off, throw, fling, chunk
start off, start, begin, commence, initiate, launch
throw, cast, drop, quit, toss, launch
спускать на воду
launch, float
release, let out, produce, issue, let go, launch
имя существительное
cutter, launch
longboat, launch
моторная лодка
powerboat, motorboat, motor, launch
спуск судна на воду
имя существительное
an act or an instance of launching something.
the launch of a new campaign against drinking and driving
a large motorboat, used especially for short trips.
He returned the salute as the warship gathered speed, picked up her guard of Police escort launches and headed for the open sea.
set (a boat) in motion by pushing it or allowing it to roll into the water.
the town's lifeboat was launched to rescue the fishermen
start or set in motion (an activity or enterprise).
she was launching a campaign against ugly architecture
Officials from businesses, local hospital trusts and academia attended yesterday's launch .
The company had pushed its launch date from March to the end of June.
More often than not, one of the keys to a successful product launch is surprise and first mover advantage.
Could it be that there are no places to launch boats into our river?
Managing to escape detection, they went aboard a Thai police motor launch .
On May 22 I joined a small group from the American Museum of Natural History in a motor launch at Niantic, Connecticut.
I decided to man the launch and left my shipmate to finish the starboard tire-without supervision.
The Minister for the Marine will visit the club early next month to officially launch the boat.
Today's launch comes less than two weeks after the company announced plans to axe 3000 jobs.
the launch of a new campaign against drinking and driving