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laughter / смех, хохот
имя существительное
laughter, laugh, ha, ha-ha
laughter, laugh, roar, yak, ha-ha
имя существительное
the action or sound of laughing.
he roared with laughter
he roared with laughter
Another part might have roared with laughter at people making fools of themselves.
The laughter was noticeably loud when he delivered a gentle swipe at newspapers.
he roared with laughter
I am rewarded by her laughter which, as you can imagine, is an agreeable sound to male ears.
He heard feet clattering and laughter and a shout from someone who was not amused.
The women admit everything takes twice as long because of their uproarious laughter .
In fact, the back was so far away from the stage, a time delay on the punchline created a wave of laughter .
He is laughing, with a touch of anger in his laughter , but no triumph, no malignity.
The empty bathroom flung the words back at me, making them sound like hollow laughter .