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laughingly / посмеиваясь
со смехом
with amused ridicule or ludicrous inappropriateness.
we finally reached what we laughingly called civilization
we finally reached what we laughingly called civilization
I apologised laughingly for staring, I felt as if I was constantly just staring, trying to take in every physical aspect of this man for whom I had left my previous life without ever meeting.
She laughingly assured us that the curds were made just hours ago.
She plays down, somewhat laughingly , the individual importance of an Oscar.
‘It just ended up being a huge success,’ Spicer says laughingly , ‘and we couldn't figure it out.
‘The result was we decided to get married,’ she said laughingly at a press conference in Delhi recently.
The shot-putter, who laughingly describes himself as ‘six-foot-four and 290 pounds’, says local women can be especially impressed by large men in tracksuits.
He applied for what he laughingly says his wife described as ‘real jobs’ - though he cannot remember what they were.
Around this time of year it's the ‘I'd better do something or I'll never get into one of those sparkly knotted hankies that designers laughingly call party dresses’.
Ok, I've sort of described what I'll be up to in what we laughingly call the near future.