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laughable / смешной, смехотворный, забавный
имя прилагательное
funny, ridiculous, ludicrous, comical, laughable, amusing
ridiculous, ludicrous, laughable, derisory, farcical, cockamamie
funny, amusing, entertaining, humorous, droll, laughable
имя прилагательное
so ludicrous as to be amusing.
if it didn't make me so angry it would be laughable
It then becomes laughable when the same publications are cited as examples of ideal behaviour.
Furthermore, the contrast with the burden put on the public-company sector has become laughable .
While it is not out of the question to golf year round in Vancouver, it is a laughable notion in Saskatchewan.
Now that I have seen the extended version I just need to point out another discrepancy, and a laughable one.
Every track is just a rant delivered over a monotonous beat and the limited vocabulary would be laughable were it not so obscene.
Welsh's understanding of anything indigenous is laughable and insulting.
To state that most of them have only one income is in any case, laughable .
The idea that Strauss was a great defender of liberal democracy is laughable .
Presumably the young women think it's just laughable , and it isn't seriously threatening you.
Any idea that Stalin cared for public opinion in Russia is merely laughable .