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lattice / решетка, сетка, пространственная решетка
имя существительное
lattice, grille, grid, grating, grill, grate
grid, net, netting, network, reticle, lattice
пространственная решетка
имя прилагательное
lattice, latticed, ethmoid, cancellated, cribriform, cribrate
reticulate, reticulated, meshy, lattice, cancellated, netty
обносить решеткой
ставить решетку
имя существительное
a structure consisting of strips of wood or metal crossed and fastened together with square or diamond-shaped spaces left between, used typically as a screen or fence or as a support for climbing plants.
Its five floors are linked by an old lift with a metal lattice door, clanked shut by an ageing attendant.
Rising above the 70th floor, up to 1,500 feet, is a proposed structure supported by a lattice of tension cables similar to those of the Brooklyn Bridge.
Climbing up the lattice made Cerri dizzy, so as she climbed, she focused her thoughts on what she'd say to Alia to convince her to stay.
The place was beautifully landscaped - flowers and plants grew up a lattice that created a sort of canopy above the path.
the lattice of branches above her
The lattice pattern on the front of her blouse, unlike Viola's, draws sensual attention to her bust line.
Had you retained this lattice , the ceiling above would have required replastering, as the unsightly remedial works would have been visible through the grid.
He designed and built the lattice fence himself, setting the stepped sections back slightly from the sidewalk to accommodate a planting strip.
Atop the stairstep stucco fence, cedar lattice was added to heighten the enclosure.
Moorish archways and arabesque screens slip a lattice of shadows across the comings and goings in the lobby.
A neighbouring image presents a lattice of veins crisscrossing a pale leaf, web-like tendrils seemingly reaching into the world of the spider that rests in the image further along.