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latter-day / современный, новый, новейший
имя прилагательное
modern, present, contemporary, current, new, latter-day
new, fresh, novel, renewed, recent, latter-day
newest, new, neoteric, up-to-date, latter-day, way-out
имя прилагательное
modern or contemporary, especially when mirroring some person or thing of the past.
the book is built around the story of the Flood and a latter-day Noah
I'm not suggesting that I want a latter-day Henry V in charge.
These latter-day Phileas Foggs, by contrast, want no surprises.
There was a lot of drinking - far too much, even by the latter-day standards of the Billabong - and at far too early an hour.
Now they are rallying behind our latter-day Churchill.
It is the latter-day ghost of America's racist past that won't go away.
He was portrayed as a latter-day Colonel Blimp with a wonderfully bilious turn of phrase.
He was very intent on this task, as if he fancied himself a latter-day St. Francis.
Yet, strangely, we know we aren't in the presence of a latter-day Puritan.
Pillars of society abounded at these latter-day Roman Circuses.
She is always being asked how she came to write a latter-day Greek tragedy with such an insight into gang culture, social warfare and male aspirations.