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latrine / отхожее место, гальюн, общественная уборная
имя существительное
отхожее место
latrine, rear, can
latrine, head
общественная уборная
latrine, comfort station
имя существительное
a toilet, especially a communal one in a camp or barracks.
One soldier, rather close to the bottom of the ladder, was quite satisfied to simply keep the latrines clean and the barracks stoves going in cold weather.
Of late, the latrine had become a public toilet for the staff (both men and women) of the crime branch.
He was walking in light footwear across his base camp on his way to the latrine .
He had dozed off in the latrine and slept through the raid.
By the 15th century the quay was outfitted with a crane and a public latrine .
He has been known to place safety briefings in the latrine ; there is nowhere that his safety arm does not reach.
In large villages, each home or group of homes has a latrine (pit-style toilet).
Treatment should be carried out by medical personnel at a treatment centre where proper sanitation methods such as washing facilities and a proper latrine are available.
Deciding that cleaning toilets in the latrine and tables in the mess wasn't for him, Mauldin transferred to the infantry.
Following weeks of firefights, mortars punished the site from above, nearly destroying the camp's latrine .
This is a picture of part of a public latrine - the kind which the Municipal Corporation puts up near slums which don't have water or sewage connections.