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latitude / широта, обширность, свобода
имя существительное
latitude, breadth, width, catholicity, amplitude
amplitude, latitude, hugeness
freedom, liberty, latitude, play, disengagement, unrestraint
имя существительное
the angular distance of a place north or south of the earth's equator, or of a celestial object north or south of the celestial equator, usually expressed in degrees and minutes.
at a latitude of 51° N
scope for freedom of action or thought.
journalists have considerable latitude in criticizing public figures
journalists have considerable latitude in criticizing public figures
We have about a 3-degree latitude in the steepness or the shallowness.
He had considerable latitude in negotiating with the Allies, and he was determined to make the best possible deal.
lines of latitude
However, we consider the force of her Saturn-Moon crossing to have some effect on the latitude of 53 degrees south around the entire globe.
The polar ice caps will expand to reach around 45 degrees latitude north and south.
He sailed down to 40 degrees latitude but found there was no land.
Well, I think that a president should be given wide latitude .
He said he crossed this ‘glacial’ or ‘submerged’ island near 88' N latitude .
He gives them considerable creative latitude while saving money on behind-the-scenes functions such as legal work and product sourcing.