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latina / латина
имя прилагательное
relating to Latinas.
What I couldn't figure out was exactly what accent she was trying to pull off - Latina ?
имя существительное
(in North America) a woman or girl of Latin American origin or descent.
This may be more of a bias, however, for male than female Latinas , who are less likely to be homeless or seek day work by standing on street corners.
Or are you just a typically poorly-educated, insecure Latina who enjoys the thought of being a community leader for her generation?
It possesses no single linguistic Other, as in Latina /o writing, on which to hinge a counter-tradition of stylistics.
In the presentation of powerful and passionate Latinas , there is a need for developing female protagonists who meet the representational needs of women viewers.
The data on Latina reproductive behavior examined here cannot possibly refute the deeply held beliefs upon which such cataclysmic stories are based.
In showcasing these poets, the book serves a vital purpose, but one still has to question the value and purpose of a canonization project for Latina /o literature.
To counter the effects of structural bias and cultural traits on Latina reproductive health, the presence of women health activists needs to be apparent to the community.
Finally, traditional gender roles that stigmatize female sexuality and Latina women's reluctance to discuss sexual practices with male partners are emphasized in the literature.
Originals of all races - black, white, and Latina - all talked about their fathers being their primary motivators…
Another friend who's Latina occasionally consults her curandera, and my Catholic aunt still trusts in the cures of shamans.
The spirited, petite Latina refused to go quietly.