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lather / намыливать, вспениваться, намыливаться
lather, soap
foam, froth, lather
имя существительное
мыльная пена
lather, suds, soapsuds
foam, froth, scum, lather, head, spume
soap, foam, lather
имя существительное
a frothy white mass of bubbles produced by soap or a similar cleansing substance when mixed with water.
Almost 60 per cent of water was wasted in washing of excess lather from the clothes.
(with reference to soap or a similar cleansing substance) form or cause to form a frothy white mass of bubbles.
soap will not lather in hard water
rub soap onto (a part of the body) until a lather is produced.
she was lathering herself languidly beneath the shower
cause (a horse) to become covered with sweat.
his horse was lathered up by the end of the day
cover something liberally with (a substance).
she lathered a slice of toast with butter
thrash (someone).
Larry was worked into a lather and shouted at the mayor
It has the creamiest, frothiest, nicest lather and it makes your skin soft and smell delicious.
I lather up soap in the shower and shave my head using that soap lather .
Nevertheless, it has helped add a bit more spice to the recent upsurge of rank and file militancy which has managed to send the mainstream press into such a lather .
If you add a little green dishwashing detergent it will help when washing the blood out of clothes - but don't add too much, or you'll find bubbles and lather everywhere.
Use soap and lather up for about 10 to 15 seconds (antibacterial soap isn't necessary - any soap will do).
There was soap, and bath gel, even hot lather and a shaving razor.
It was an unprecedented reaction to an evening out from Mike, so by the time we arrived on a Friday night in mid-May, I'd managed to work myself up into a lather of anticipation.
Dad had got into a right lather by the time I got home
Their steeds were coated in lather , after their wild run weaving between the tall ancient trees of Nevermore's forest.