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lathe / токарный станок
имя существительное
токарный станок
lathe, turning lathe
имя существительное
a machine for shaping wood, metal, or other material by means of a rotating drive that turns the piece being worked on against changeable cutting tools.
I take the bulk away with a wood lathe tool, take it down and smooth it out with clay tools, and buff it with a rubber pad.
shape with a lathe.
The mandapa remained a square, though it was now distinguished by circular columns, the shafts of which had been lathed and thus acquired a number of parallel knife-edges.
Visitors were also shown vases that were cast from the same material and turned on a wood lathe .
In addition to the belt-driven machines, there is an electric lathe and an electric drill press.
A woodturner needs a lathe and some basic tools.
For example, around 1750 Antoine Thiout introduced the innovation of equipping a lathe with a screw drive.
Since he was interested in tools, we showed him a simple lathe (a tool he had wished he could use) in a glass case at the Science Museum in London.
After leaving school at 14, he worked in an engineering workshop where he learnt to use a metal lathe and other equipment.
Veneer is made by placing a cut log on a giant lathe and then rotating it against a cutter.
The lathe has a material feed mechanism and will turn out cases as long as it has rod to feed.
He will turn wood on a lathe and tend the museum's medieval garden, which has plants for household, culinary and medicinal use.
He had a workshop with a lathe and other tools, where he used to go to commune in spirit with the horny handed sons of toil.