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lath / планка, рейка, дранка
имя существительное
bar, strap, strip, plank, lath, slat
rail, spline, lath, rod, batten, ledge
shingles, lath
прибивать рейки или планки
имя существительное
a thin flat strip of wood, especially one of a series forming a foundation for the plaster of a wall or the tiles of a roof, or made into a trellis or fence.
That's the condition you will wish to duplicate, and this can be done with slatted frames made of furring strips on which laths are tacked one half inch apart.
cover (a wall or ceiling) with laths.
a lath and plaster wall
It's finished in the sense that there are paneled walls and not just exposed beams and studs and lath .
In these areas, the layers of plaster are pulling away from the underlying strips of wood lath which support it.
A ‘scratch coat’ of Portland cement and sand is then plastered onto the lath and allowed to dry.
First, a scratch coat is troweled onto the lath; the plaster oozes through the lath and grips the backing when it hardens.
Cut lath and plaster with a reciprocating saw fitted with a coarse, wood-cutting blade.
If you are nailing over a lath and plaster ceiling, longer nails may be needed.
The roof of a one-time fine farmstead is falling in, a gable end collapsed, lath and plaster rotting - romantic?
Other materials sold by the bundle include things like wooden stakes, lath and wooden shims.
They tested four-person suites with an assortment of options, such as restored or new flooring, restored or replaced windows, and restored plaster and lath walls or new veneered plaster walls.