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latex / латекс, млечный сок
имя существительное
latex, milk
млечный сок
latex, chyle, milk
имя существительное
a milky fluid found in many plants, such as poppies and spurges, that exudes when the plant is cut and coagulates on exposure to the air. The latex of the rubber tree is the chief source of natural rubber.
Natural latex is a milky fluid produced by the rubber tree and is used for manufacturing scores of every day items.
Tapping latex - the main source of local revenue in Nias - is her family's only way to earn a living.
Prime the wall with a low luster latex enamel paint and allow it to dry completely before the next step.
Often, parents or caregivers are not aware of the risk of sensitivity to natural rubber latex .
Concerns about latex protein allergy, however, have caused a number of health care facilities to seek alternatives.
If you are using latex paints, then you want a synthetic brush like polyester.
Bubble gums are made of sugar, corn syrup, flavours, softeners and latex or plastic.
Natural latex consists of 2 % to 3 % protein.
Further recommendations included what to do if an employee was suffering from latex allergies.
For the early experiments in the series reported here a latex enamel paint solution was used to colour the vessels.
They are typically incorporated into the formulation through a latex emulsion.