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lately / недавно, за последнее время, на днях
recently, newly, latest, new, lately, freshly
за последнее время
lately, of late, late, latest, last, later
на днях
the other day, recently, one of these days, other day, lately
recently; not long ago.
she hasn't been looking too well lately
Have you felt you needed to keep these aspects of yourself under wraps lately ?
she hasn't been looking too well lately
As for a source for the story, I haven't seen anything lately , but she talks about it here.
I have been very busy lately and the ongoing project will take up about a few more weeks.
As you can see from about two posts ago, my mind has been taking the occasional hike down memory lane lately .
The two clubs have done a lot of talking lately , about fixtures, Festival Cups and the like.
Just lately it feels like that well has overflowed and all those little packages are coming undone.
Feelings of frustrated paternalism have been coursing through me and partner lately .
I haven't written much lately due to being generally tired from work and a bit uninspired.
he's playing well lately