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latecomer / опоздавший
имя существительное
a person who arrives late.
latecomers were not admitted before the intermission
The latecomer did arrive 10 minutes after the dinner had begun and the place setting had been pulled.
Everyone was starting to fidget with hunger and boredom when the door opened to admit the latecomer .
he was a latecomer to modernism
A few latecomers arrived in a hurry and took their seats as soon as possible, relieved that they had not missed anything.
It was impossible for us latecomers to squeeze in far enough to see either of the giant TV screens, let alone the approaching buses.
Among the latecomers to the group was a nice-looking brunette.
We passed a few latecomers on their way to the falls.
There is also a danger that latecomers will be investing once all or most of the growth in that sector has already taken place.
If you're having a Christmas drinks party, make sure you have enough glasses to go around - mugs for latecomers just won't do!
You doubt and second-guess your choice, lamenting the unjustifiable advance of latecomers .