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late / поздно, недавно, за последнее время
late, later, latest, last, in bad time
recently, newly, latest, new, lately, late
за последнее время
lately, of late, late, latest, last, later
имя прилагательное
late, later, latter, last, tardy, belated
late, deceased, departed, defunct, later, latter
last, latest, latter, recent, final, late
имя прилагательное
doing something or taking place after the expected, proper, or usual time.
his late arrival
belonging or taking place near the end of a particular time or period.
they won the game with a late goal
(of a specified person) no longer alive.
the late William Jennings Bryan
of recent date.
the latest news
after the expected, proper, or usual time.
she arrived late
toward the end of a period.
it happened late in 1984
formerly but not now living or working in a specified place or institution.
Captain Falconer, late of the British army
имя существительное
the most recent news or fashion.
have you heard the latest?
It results in missing hospital appointments or being late for appointments because there are no useable parking spaces.
the late Iron Age
Following the baby boom, fertility rates declined over the late 1960s and 1970s.
Second of all, it comes so late in the game.
They taste the best because the Cabernet grapes ripen late in the season - in September or even October.
It has become a base for late night drinking parties which constantly disturb neighbouring residents.
I expect some passionate objections particularly to my coverage of the late 20th Century.
I arrived half an hour late because Dad lost his palm pilot and couldn't remember what time school started.
The advancement of a counterclaim at this late stage did give me some concern.
Our family visited one of your immigration detention centres late in September.