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latch / защелка, задвижка, запор
имя существительное
latch, snap, catch, pawl, click, trigger
latch, catch, bolt, damper, shutter, fastener
constipation, lock, latch, hasp, fastener, fastening
lock, shut, lock up, pawl, latch, bar
shut, latch, fasten
имя существительное
a metal bar with a catch and lever used for fastening a door or gate.
On large canvas slabs, he uses a thick rust-colored paint and applies objects such as antler-shaped branches, a door latch or a metal chain.
fasten (a door or gate) with a latch.
she latched the door carefully
I walked over to the large oak door and lifted the latch .
Sturdy metal doors, held shut with spring latches , keep prying eyes and little hands away from the internal components.
Their products are about as accurate as a lobbed brick, and cycle like the rusty gate latch in your great aunt Emily's side yard.
He was holding the latch of a metal door in the side of the pipe.
He fumbled for the latch to open his door, and left the limousine and the beautiful woman behind as quickly as he could.
The binding latch remains in a reset state while the battery signal is applied.
Kathryn started as well and quickly slipped from the stall and latched the door.
The fore-end is mounted to the barrels not with a cheap spring latch as on late American doubles, but rather with a nicely inlet lever release.
Bolt-thru gate hinges and latches provides stability and long lasting performance.
Alexandra did so, quietly shutting and latching the door behind her.