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last-ditch / последний оплот
имя существительное
последний оплот
имя прилагательное
denoting a final attempt to achieve something after all else has failed.
a last-ditch effort to break the deadlock
She enrolled on the training scheme as a last-ditch attempt to do something with her life.
But there is still time for the papers to make last-ditch attempts to rally readers to their causes.
Talks began on July 14 between the union and employers in a last-ditch attempt to rescue the pay deal.
In the meantime I am going to replace my blood with Lucozade as a last-ditch attempt to make it through the week without expiring.
They threw everything they had at the last-ditch rescue effort as Currie struggled to move play more than five yards from their own line.
The smear campaigns were shown to be just that - the last-ditch effort of desperate individuals to throw the vote.
Not even their spirited last-ditch attempt to corner the gay market can save them.
And she has come to the American capital in a last-ditch attempt to preserve her people's unique way of life.
This woman had gone to see her ex-husband in a last-ditch attempt to ‘give it another go’.
Because last week a last-ditch attempt to save the centre failed.