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last / последний, прошлый, крайний
имя прилагательное
last, latest, latter, recent, final, late
last, past, backward, bygone, onetime, overpast
extreme, last, utter, utmost, ultra, outside
last, continue, go on, endure
continue, go on, last, endure, run on, spread
в последний раз
на последнем месте
в конце
at the end of, finally, last
имя существительное
end, ending, stop, finish, tip, last
block, shoe, last, cheek, clog, shoe-tree
flipper, fin, last, flapper, paddle
имя прилагательное
coming after all others in time or order; final.
they caught the last bus
most recent in time; latest.
last year
only remaining.
it's our last hope
on the last occasion before the present; previously.
he looked much older than when I'd last seen him
after all others in order or sequence.
the two last-mentioned classes
(especially in enumerating points) finally; in conclusion.
and last, I'd like to thank you all for coming
имя существительное
the last person or thing; the one occurring, mentioned, or acting after all others.
the last of their guests had gone
a shoemaker's model for shaping or repairing a shoe or boot.
(of a process, activity, or state of things) continue for a specified period of time.
the guitar solo lasted for twenty minutes
continue to function well or to be in good condition for a considerable or specified length of time.
the car is built to last
After checking those out and a few other shops I managed to nick onto the last bus home to Huddersfield!
In terms of finance alone, last night was the difference between digging gold or iron pyrites.
they came last in the race
Except the last few pages of the last chapter had a smudgy white line down the middle.
Except the last my parents heard from the dealership was an invoice for the annual service.
I haven't seen James or Michael since that last ball, I hope James wasn't too mad at me.
When taking out a student loan the last thing on most people's minds is how they intend to pay it back.
his condition is so serious that he won't last the night
Then as I will be in Jozie for the next two days, this is the last you will hear from me this week.
that bike will last for years