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lasso / лассо, аркан
имя существительное
lasso, lariat, rope, noose
lasso, noose, lariat
ловить арканом
lasso, lariat, rope
ловить лассо
lasso, rope
имя существительное
a rope with a noose at one end, used especially in North America for catching cattle or horses.
She draws a long whip gently across their backs and legs to get them used to ropes and lassos as their forebears would have been.
catch (an animal) with a lasso.
at last his father lassoed the horse
She fell through the ice several times, but I would just throw her a rope, like a cowboy with a lasso .
I'd come out with the milk bottles, and she'd walk beside me with her skipping rope, whirling it around her head like a lasso .
He grabs it by the rope and swings it around as if it is a lasso .
The baqueanos (local horsemen who help Alec) are all charming and when they get bored Roberto, Pato or Chapulin are liable to liven things up by galloping off to lasso cattle or instigating crazy, pell-mell races.
Nobody would ever ask you what your family's name was or where you came from if you wanted to buy a Guernsey fisherman's sweater or if you really throw a lasso before selling you a pair of cowboy boots.
Her lasso in one hand and a smaller rope in the other, she breathed trying not to think much about what happened 15 minutes ago.
The former president sternly inquires of Barker whether he knows the best way to lasso a wild horse.
If you have a lasso and rope one of the horses, you would gain speed and the Merry-Go-Round would lose some.
He grabs it by the rope and swings it around like a lasso .
She may not be able to tackle him anymore, but she does still have her lasso at her side, and he is standing so close that if she just slung it over his neck I doubt he could run away.