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lass / девушка, девочка, служанка
имя существительное
girl, lady, maiden, lass, maid, puss
girl, girlie, baby, lass, female child, lassie
maid, handmaid, maidservant, handmaiden, girl, lass
имя существительное
a girl or young woman.
he married a lass from Yorkshire
I did hear a young lass make an ado about knowing where we lived, and coming to see us.
he married a lass from Yorkshire
When I was about 6 months pregnant I met a young lass at our local mother and baby group.
he married a lass from Yorkshire
Compare that to a young lass who did work experience with us a few months ago.
The sight of a young lass flashing a bit of leg or a bit of cleavage can render most teenage lads incapable of concentrating on anything else.
On my first day of travelling to school on the bus, I was at the back along with some friends, when a young lass got on.
Shelma's a young lass from, well, I'm not sure where she's from, but she sings like an angel.
By contrast, the audience was split almost evenly between lads and lasses , and from a wider range of ethnic backgrounds than would be seen in an average office in Edinburgh or Glasgow.
Now, though, all the young lasses can clump the ball and everyone knows that the sisters are there for the beating.