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lashing / порка, упреки, веревка
имя существительное
flogging, smacking, thrashing, beating, lashing, hiding
rope, cord, string, line, tie, lashing
имя существительное
an act or instance of whipping.
I threatened to give him a good lashing!
a cord used to fasten something securely.
Some of the attachments will be removed today in Portsmouth Harbour, then Swan will sail out into the Solent and dock down, refloating the destroyer as the final lashings are removed.
strike (someone) with a whip or stick.
they lashed him repeatedly about the head
(of an animal) move (a part of the body, especially the tail) quickly and violently.
the cat was lashing its tail back and forth
fasten (something) securely with a cord or rope.
the hatch was securely lashed down
I don't know which I felt more, relief at having escaped a physical beating or humiliation over his verbal lashing .
Nobody appreciates a moral lashing from a pal, especially if it's over insignificant Hollywood rumors or other trite stuff.
The playing of music brought the penalty of a public lashing , audio cassettes were smashed and the tapes fluttered from telegraph posts in most cities.
His response had been a severe lashing with a whip, and she had never argued audibly again.
Miss Ophelia goes to Marie and tells her that Rosa is very sorry for her fault and that she feels a lashing from a whipping house is too harsh a punishment.
he was on the receiving end of a verbal lashing yesterday
Customers were less casual about buying tapes in the presence of usually rare foreign visitors, aware that they run the risk of a public lashing if found in possession of music.
She would've seen who was boss with his verbal lashing .
I threatened to give him a good lashing!
he was on the receiving end of a verbal lashing yesterday