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lash / плеть, бич, удар плетью
имя существительное
lash, scourge, thong, flagellum, sjambok, cat-o'-nine-tails
scourge, whip, pest, curse, plague, lash
удар плетью
slash, whip, lash, beat, lace
lash, quilt, flog, stitch, lace, tuft
tie, bind, tether, bound, attach, lash
имя существительное
a sharp blow or stroke with a whip or rope, typically given as a form of punishment.
he was sentenced to fifty lashes for his crime
an eyelash.
she fluttered her long dark lashes
strike (someone) with a whip or stick.
they lashed him repeatedly about the head
(of an animal) move (a part of the body, especially the tail) quickly and violently.
the cat was lashing its tail back and forth
fasten (something) securely with a cord or rope.
the hatch was securely lashed down
My fingers are still dripping wet, but the handle to the lash is gripped to prevent it from slipping free from my slick, white scales.
A lash , also of flax, was then attached and the whip was finished.
His convicts were more useful to society as workers than as objects of penal punishment; the lash became an element in labour relations.
he brought the lash down upon the prisoner's back
Now before you sneer and condemn me to 1,000 strokes of the lash , let me tell you about a little experience I had recently.
Owing to the steep slope of Quebec roofs, the men must lash themselves to the chimney pots to move about.
they were living under the threat of the lash
Zhu Ke, the writer, said the substitution of the lash for crueler corporal punishments revealed a forward movement of civilization.
Outrages like the Thomas case make it a good deal more difficult for enlightened penal reformers like the Professor to get a fair hearing when they advocate bringing back the lash .
His voice was cool and Andreus raised the lash again threateningly, but was ordered to lower it.