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lark / жаворонок, шутка, забава
имя существительное
lark, skylark, laverock
joke, jest, fun, trick, prank, lark
fun, amusement, game, play, sport, lark
play, toy, lark, fool with, skylark, monkey
frolic, sport, play, frisk, rollick, lark
joke, jest, trifle, fun, droll, lark
имя существительное
a small ground-dwelling songbird, typically with brown streaky plumage, a crest, and elongated hind claws, and with a song that is delivered in flight.
In addition to communicating through song, larks will raise the crest of feathers in their head during agonistic and courtship displays.
something done for fun, especially something mischievous or daring; an amusing adventure or escapade.
I only went along for a lark
enjoy oneself by behaving in a playful and mischievous way.
he jumped the fence to go larking the rest of the day
In the national championships that year, she participated for a lark and won the silver in the rifle prone event.
‘We've seduced people into giving us $300 million for a lark ,’ he says.
Never fear, we'll all be living until 112 shortly, and it's very likely that half those grey heads we observe are really teenagers who borrowed their grannie's wig for a lark .
The researchers believe that an increase in agricultural land, forest plantations and roads has fragmented the arid steppe habitat, preventing the Dupont's lark from sharing songs over greater distances.
Anyone passing through who wants to leave some remarks in the comments, please feel free. only if it's to tell me what a cack-handed job I'm making of this liveblogging lark .
The trouble with this sobriety lark , which I embarked upon at the start of the year, is that I find my critical facilities have been restored after some 30 years' suspension.
More to the point, might he have to resign if he blew up two trains for a lark ?
Otherwise, it's decent for a lark when rented for a one-night spin.
Anyone who engages in this utterly ridiculous weblog lark will have experienced those moments where you suddenly get an urge to put your latest words and thoughts online, despite the fact that you've had a few too many drinks.
In rarefied locations in the city, foreigners ride the rickshaw for a lark .