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largely / в значительной степени, щедро, обильно
в значительной степени
largely, substantially, to a great extent, to a large degree, vastly, pretty
generously, lavishly, profusely, freely, largely
abundantly, profusely, lavishly, amply, freely, largely
to a great extent; on the whole; mostly.
he was soon arrested, largely through the efforts of Tom Poole
It has been achieved largely without reducing cover prices to shift extra copies.
it was largely ignored by the media
it's largely because of her that he stayed
It hopes the restructuring will be largely in place by the middle of next year.
their efforts were largely unsuccessful
In fact, the safety fears that keep many families off boats are largely unwarranted.
If you make assumptions about how the world has changed you usually get it largely wrong.
During that time he has largely been content to let his reports do the talking.
tomorrow will be largely dry and bright
The Celtic fans know the season is over, and that even a win today will be largely meaningless.