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larder / кладовая
имя существительное
pantry, storeroom, larder, storehouse, buttery, stockroom
имя существительное
a room or large cupboard for storing food.
Before the days of refrigerators, when fresh food was stored in larders , Limax species were often encountered congregating around the rim of a milk jug or slithering over the Sunday joint of beef on the larder shelf.
Leaves should be cut to about 10 cm from the shoulder of the bulb, then tied with raffia and hung in bunches in a dry room such as a larder .
There's good food in the larder , and in the fridge, and we have a movie to watch if we get bored.
Apparently, Leap had overestimated the amount of fresh food left in her larder and the chain on Archie's bicycle had come off as he set off for the grocer's.
The list can be tallied at your local grocery store and your larder restocked with a regular weekly delivery.
She stored food in a walk-in larder , which was a heck of a lot colder than the fridge.
I never did get a big cast-iron cooking range for this house but I have my larder stocked with good food and that's a large part of my comfort blanket mentality taken care of.
The concept is fantastically simple: you control Caesar, making him jump about the shelves in the larder catching the mice before they eat the food.
She sleeps under the porch and steals food from the larder .
Rogers mentions that there is plenty of food in the larder , so they don't have to worry about supplies.
The latest must-have fridge is not really a fridge at all but a walk-in cold room - basically, the equivalent of an old-fashioned larder or pantry.