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lap / круг, колени, этап
имя существительное
circle, range, round, lap, disk, disc
lap, marrowbones
stage, phase, milestone, leg, lap
lap, lap up, swill
жадно пить
lap, swill
revel, lap, glory, drink in
имя существительное
the flat area between the waist and knees of a seated person.
come and sit on my lap
a hanging flap on a garment or a saddle.
one circuit of a track or racetrack.
He also holds the track record for most laps led by a race winner, 162.
an overlapping or projecting part.
a single turn of rope, thread, or cable around a drum or reel.
overtake (a competitor in a race) to become one or more laps ahead.
she lapped all of her rivals in the 3,000 meters
enfold or swathe a person or thing, especially a part of the body, in (something soft).
he was lapped in blankets
project beyond or overlap something.
the water lapped over the edges
polish (a gem or a metal or glass surface) with a lapping machine.
Metal flashings that once were soldered are now lapped and ‘sealed.’
(of an animal) take up (liquid) with the tongue in order to drink.
the cat was lapping up a saucer of milk
Evan was seated on her lap using his fingers to eat.
Unlike most dogs, she doesn't use her tongue to lap up the liquid.
No fully rational man would try to pass there, particularly on the final lap of the final race of the season.
Lucas finished his last lap of the pool late on Wednesday night.
The Brahmaputra, in the last lap of its journey to the Bay of Bengal, bifurcates into a number of channels in the district.
She put both hands flat on her lap , then reached them up again to mend the damage she'd done to her hair.
The final lap of my walk took me up to a viewpoint called the Battlements and on a clear day I could see Darwen Moors.
Despite starting from the back of the grid, they dominated every race and broke the lap record.
A tear rolled down Sandra's cheek and plopped down into the lap of her black mid-length velveteen dress.
listening to the comfortable lap of the waves against the shore