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lanyard / ремень, вытяжной шнур, тросовый талреп
имя существительное
belt, strap, sling, thong, lanyard, leather
вытяжной шнур
lanyard, laniard
тросовый талреп
lanyard, laniard, deadeye
имя существительное
a rope threaded through a pair of deadeyes, used to adjust the tension in the rigging of a sailing vessel.
As the engine was lowered, the lanyard had actuated a valve that drove the hoist to its stowed position.
Now, perhaps, we won't even be able to keep them in our inside pockets, but should keep them strung on a lanyard around our necks where they can be seen by both the police marksmen and the potential muggers who would steal them.
I was given a lanyard and told to wear my credentials at all times.
I looked first at the camera, saved by the lanyard round my wrist.
The lanyard is designed to secure small objects, such as badges, keys, cell phones, and other small items.
In addition to wearing a lanyard around the neck, it is not unusual to see lanyards attached to the wrist, waist, backpacks, and others.
I walked out the door swinging my lanyard and smiling.
Several models come packaged with a handy lanyard .
As with the cap, the loop is fairly flexible but after some tugging and pulling with the lanyard in place, the loop never tore.
Just throw the included lanyard around your neck and take a walk.
This year in San Diego, a lot of people were wearing badges that were not clipped-on or pinned but were instead on a little lanyard around their necks.