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lanolin / ланолин
имя существительное
lanolin, lanoline
имя существительное
a fatty substance found naturally on sheep's wool. It is extracted as a yellowish viscous mixture of esters and used as a base for ointments.
Moisturizers contain humectants, such as glycerin, methyl glucose esters, lanolin , or mineral oil, that replace oils in the skin and promote its effectiveness as a moisture barrier.
The oil component of ointments is typically petrolatum; creams tend to contain lanolin .
Although wool can be damaged by moths, it contains lanolin , a naturally occurring oil that protects it from these insects.
Two weeks after application of lanolin, only 24% of fruit treated with lanolin alone remained attached.
Lipids (eg, petroleum, lanolin , mineral oil) block moisture from leaving the skin by using occlusive or semiocclusive materials to form a barrier for the skin to better restore itself.
They contained no artificial colours, drying alcohol, synthetic fragrances, oily lanolin or mineral oil - all staple ingredients in many leading brands.
When the season's over, their wool, meat, and lanolin can be sold for profit.
Lip balm containing beeswax, lanolin , coconut oil or other natural moisturizers is an alternative.
These creams usually contain lanolin , wheat germ and cocoa butter.
The young émigré began by packaging and peddling lanolin - sheep oil - disguising the odor with extracts of lavender, pine bark, and water lilies.
There are currently two main commercial routes to obtain cholesterol: extracting it from the spinal cords of cattle; and from lanolin , the natural grease found on wool.