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languish / томиться, чахнуть, изнывать
languish, pine, yearn
languish, waste away, pine, pine away, peak, waste
languish, pine, pine away
имя существительное
томный вид
languor, languish
(of a person or other living thing) lose or lack vitality; grow weak or feeble.
plants may appear to be languishing simply because they are dormant
suffer from being forced to remain in an unpleasant place or situation.
he has been languishing in jail since 1974
Get it right and no one notices; get it wrong and plants languish and die in boggy beds, huge puddles kill lawn, and in the worst case scenario you awake to the slap and gurgle of water in the basement.
The Hurricanes no longer have to languish near the bottom of the points table.
Some of this cruelty still disturbs me, but at least it's honest: and much less hypocritical than the cruelty of the British food industry where consumers buy their meat safe and sanitised while the animals languish in battery pens.
If your pet dog would truly languish in the wild, as a stray, you might be able to meet the comparable-life condition without meeting, say, his needs for adequate stimulation, exercise, and contact with other dogs.
Once again - many of those plants may simply languish in your garden's growing conditions.
Dozens of former FNL child soldiers associated with the National Liberation Forces (Forces Nationales pour la Libération, or FNL) languish in government custody - in prisons, jails, and a newly opened welcome center for former FNL combatants - without any clarity of their legal status or knowledge of when they might be returned to their families.
Hundreds of thousands of animals languish in zoos around the world.
We fade, lose heart, become torpid, languish , then the sap rises again, and we are passionate.
The cold, hard facts are that the Bulls now languish mid table after dropping both of their Easter weekend matches against the competition's top two clubs.
Because field crops, like potted plants, languish when they're over-watered, proper drainage is an important aspect of successful farming.