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lane / переулок, полоса, дорожка
имя существительное
lane, alley, side street, alleyway, backstreet, bystreet
band, strip, stripe, streak, lane, bar
track, path, lane, walkway, pathway, runner
имя прилагательное
alone, lonely, single, lone, solitary, lane
secluded, solitary, lonely, private, remote, lane
only, single, sole, singular, one, lane
имя существительное
a narrow road, especially in a rural area.
she drove along the winding lane
a division of a road marked off with painted lines and intended to separate single lines of traffic according to speed or direction.
the car accelerated and moved into the outside lane
Until then, the contraflow system on the westbound carriageway allowing a single lane of traffic in each direction will continue.
she drove along the winding lane
It was proposed to link the development to the centre of the town by connecting with Claregate Street through Pidgeon lane .
She crossed the center line and traveled to the outside lane of opposing traffic.
The lane is intended to speed up travelling times for vehicles carrying the bulk of commuters.
Duncan stepped back to the free throw line, taking Campbell with him, and Parker had an easy lane to the basket for a lay-in.
You might think that bowling is as simple as a lane , a ball, and an approach, right?
He shot through the gap and continued along the narrow lane that would eventually reach a main road.
The site, near Low Street and Common lane , was endorsed for housing in May by the Local Plan public inquiry inspector - despite green belt objections from residents.
Then the group set off up the narrow winding lane to the main road and the lay-by.