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landward / к берегу
к берегу
ashore, landward, landwards
toward land.
the ship turned landward
имя прилагательное
facing toward land as opposed to sea.
the landward side of the road
Your village is small and remote, extremely difficult to reach because it is isolated from the world by the treacherous currents offshore and the high mountains landward .
It was because of this close environmental unity instilled by the nature of their calling that they lacked landward interest.
One site on the landward side of the fjord was an almost vertical wall leading down to a ledge at 30m, where we were told we should find large sea spiders and basket stars.
On the landward side of the harbour, a series of wharves and porticoes were built to accommodate traders and the storage of goods in transit.
The Atlantic, or passive, type has a stable continental block on the landward side that has been little deformed since Palaeozoic times.
The air in this bulge then slides over the unexpanded air over the sea resulting in a pressure difference at sea level between the landward and seaward sides of the coast.
Their first victory, at the Alma six days later, enabled them to continue south around Sebastopol from the landward side to Balaclava, so establishing a partial siege of the base.
Wave erosion drives the sea cliff landward creating a planar, gently seaward-dipping bedrock platform.
Their findings, published by The Geographical Journal today, shows that the more rapid landward retreat of the low water mark relative to the high water mark is the most alarming trend.
The landward extent of the embayment fill abuts the western side of the Woakwine Range, a Pleistocene barrier.