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landmine / фугас
имя существительное
имя существительное
an explosive mine laid on or just under the surface of the ground.
They hit a landmine , and after the explosion, insurgents came at them with small arms fire.
The Vulcan works by firing a projectile at high speed into a landmine , ripping it apart without detonating the explosives.
It stirs up so many emotions which are still buried just beneath the surface, rather like the landmine that took my foot.
She has just stepped on a landmine and she is clinging to life.
It can be placed either on the ground next to the munitions or directed at the landmine mounted on a simple wire frame.
The archeological team had to be very careful in unearthing the ruins in case a landmine was buried under the surface.
I couldn't quite hear him because I stepped on a landmine and the explosion has made me deaf.
Officials say one of the Marines apparently stepped on a huge landmine made of old artillery shells.
Any additional sponsorship we get will go to Mine Action Group who clear landmines around the world.
Compared with landmines , unexploded ordnance is not only more visible, but also easier and cheaper to remove.