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landlord / помещик, землевладелец, хозяин квартиры
имя существительное
landlord, squire, laird, esquire
landowner, landlord, landed proprietor, landed gentleman
хозяин квартиры
имя существительное
a person, especially a man, who rents land, a building, or an apartment to a tenant.
The goal is to educate tenants about the legal amount their landlord can up their rent.
Terry was later landlord of the public house that bore his name at Athgarvan Cross.
They aren't really housemates, just people who happen to rent from the same landlord .
A young woman wept in court as a jury cleared her of causing the death of a former pub landlord .
You'd be better off going to your local pub landlord and starting you own comedy club.
The mid-terrace unit is held by the current landlord on a long lease with a nominal rent.
Christopher Genders, 56, a former pub landlord , is out tending his garden.
It used to be the case that people either got a council house, rented from a private landlord or got a mortgage to buy their home.
A village pub landlord told today how his wife and barman were threatened with knives by armed raiders.
Police said the pair waited until the pub was empty before bursting in as the landlord and the barmaid were cashing up.
A tapas bar landlord in Hull has lost his license because he allowed his clients to drink standing up.