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landlady / хозяйка гостиницы, помещица, владелица дома
имя существительное
хозяйка гостиницы
landlady, hostess
владелица дома
имя существительное
a woman who rents land, a building, or an apartment to a tenant.
It had been difficult to find a landlady willing to rent to us - a jobless teenager and his runaway girlfriend.
I'm a week late with the rent, but my esteemed landlady said it was okay as long as I pay up next week, and give her a free guitar lesson.
Both the landlord and landlady came out dressed in their nightclothes.
She will be especially missed by her locals, who regarded her not as a landlady or a publican but as a friend.
But landlady Mary Wood, who took over the pub seven months ago, is looking to the future.
My landlady , Ita, needs this week's rent, or she will start practising the violin again.
Christmas saw Lucy giving hand-sewn presents to her landlord, landlady and Jane the servant.
A landlord and landlady today told of the battle to prevent their pub being ruined by flood water.
The landlady refused to comment or speculate on the cause of the blaze.
The author also went to great lengths recounting his tough-break with a landlady after renting a house.
He's the local kid my landlady hires to bring in wood and mow the lawn.