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landfill / полигон
мусорная свалка
garbage dump, dumping
  • municipal landfill - городская свалка
закапывание мусора
  • new landfill - новый полигон
имя существительное
a place to dispose of refuse and other waste material by burying it and covering it over with soil, especially as a method of filling in or extending usable land.
Waste disposal by landfill accounts for over 80% of municipal waste in Britain.
bury in a landfill.
the Florida school intends to landfill its old computers
Waste disposal by landfill accounts for over 80% of municipal waste in Britain.
Speaking to friends and neighbours, I have yet to meet anybody who thinks we should keep on destroying our precious countryside by burying rubbish in landfill at the current rate.
She said they were saving the county council from having to landfill a tonne of material every two months.
They were furious that lorries could go to and from the site at a rate of one every five minutes to take tens of thousands of tonnes of rubble from the old mill to landfill on the site.
The Director points out that the high cost of landfill disposal together with increased collection costs meant the increases were necessary.
The contracts, which lasted about 56 weeks, also saw 250,000 tonnes of clay from the nearby Far Ings site used as landfill .
Each season, thousands of these trees are dumped in a city wood landfill called Camp Small.
We also look at a new National Packaging Covenant between industry, local councils and consumers, that should reduce the litter and waste to landfill created by packaging.
He expected DIY shops and paint companies would donate unwanted stock, saving them the cost of paying for disposal at landfill sites.
The residue was sent off to a solid hazardous waste landfill , until they refused to accept it.