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landfall / подход к берегу, оползень, обвал
имя существительное
подход к берегу
landslide, landslip, slide, mudslide, rockslide, landfall
collapse, landslide, avalanche, failure, landfall, landslip
landing, landfall, alighting, letdown
landing, fit, embarkation, seat, touchdown, landfall
имя существительное
an arrival at land on a sea or air journey.
In calm seas and glorious weather, the ship made landfall off the abandoned whaling station of Grytviken, and secured to the Admiralty buoy in Cumberland Bay.
a collapse of a mass of land, especially one that blocks a route.
a landfall had blocked off the river centuries back
In 1492, Christopher Columbus made his first landfall in the Western Hemisphere in The Bahamas.
Here they could oversee the water below, look back on the green land which was Shalisa, and far out across Sea to their right where a hazy grey line indicated the first landfall David would make on his return journey home.
Sherkin was a pirate kingdom for a brief period of prosperity, providing beaches for careening ships, a safe landfall and opportunity for carousing.
Whakatane is the chief service town for the eastern Bay of Plenty and was the landfall for the first Maori arrivals.
he made landfall and fixed his position
Said to be the original landfall of Christopher Columbus, it is graced with elegant Bermudian and colonial-style buildings.
It is a scene that has changed little from when Christopher Columbus made landfall here for supplies and water on his legendary voyage to discover the Americas.
The sudden appearance of Europeans after the first landfall of Christopher Columbus in 1492 had a cataclysmic effect upon them.
Because the island was the final landfall before passage to America, ships would load up on Madeira's wines, both as a product to sell and to use as ballast.