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landed / земельный
имя прилагательное
land, landed, agrarian, territorial, predial, praedial
имя прилагательное
owning much land, especially through inheritance.
the landed aristocracy
Add a landed gent to the equation, and it's hard not to see this deal as one that was struck by powerful elites.
An awful lot of landed gentry are going to end up in the docks for cultivation of a Class A drug on their land.
Death duties probably appeal to old Labourites as a way to punish the landed gentry.
The hunt once the exclusive sport of the landed gentry has in recent decades seen a change.
For the landed gentry, it was usually a snack to tide you over between luncheon and a late dinner.
She's a keen rambler, not always a fan of the landed gentry, but this Duke was different.
Still, that must be better than causing an uproar by taking the landed gentry by surprise?
Mainly, the landed gentry did not want a messy, noisy railway anywhere near them.
He has buried landed gentry as well as people whom he describes as being less well off.