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land / земельный, наземный, сухопутный
имя прилагательное
land, landed, agrarian, territorial, predial, praedial
terrestrial, land, terraneous, above-ground
land, overland, terrestrial
имя существительное
earth, land, ground, soil, territory, dirt
country, nation, land, region, clime
land, dry land, earth, terra firma, firm ground, deck
land, land on, touch down, ground, alight, take ground
land, set down, disembark, drop, debark, drop off
land, disembark, debark, alight
имя существительное
the part of the earth's surface that is not covered by water, as opposed to the sea or the air.
the reptiles lay their eggs on land
a country.
the valley is one of the most beautiful in the land
the space between the rifling grooves in a gun.
What is radical about the Briley design is that it is rifled with six, straight, equally spaced lands and grooves.
put (someone or something) on land from a boat.
the lifeboat landed the survivors safely ashore
come down through the air and alight on the ground.
planes landing at the rate of two a minute
cause someone to be in (a difficult or unwelcome situation).
his exploits always landed him in trouble
inflict (a blow) on someone.
I won the fight without landing a single punch
forming nouns denoting a particular sphere of activity or group of people.
the blunt, charmless climate of technoland
имя существительное
(in Germany or Austria) a state.
A second school highlights the distinctive role of regional governments in federal systems, however designated - states, provinces, republics, cantons, Länder .
But he said anyone who suggested the port would have a cloud of dust hovering over it was in fantasy land .
a land force
this is my land
At the moment, silence is being maintained over both the arming of the land forces and the total cost of the military plans.
Too bad that the producers of that series decided to revisit the land of adult insecurities with a whole new cast of characters.
If the mine came down on land instead of water, it was supposed to go off seventeen seconds later.
he wants to develop the land
he was the best runner in the land
he bought 360 acres of land
Movements in water are slower than movements on land due to water resistance.