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lancet / ланцет
имя существительное
lancet, lance, fleam
имя существительное
a small, broad, two-edged surgical knife or blade with a sharp point.
Medical wastes are defined as discarded sharps (needles, scalpel blades, lancets , and broken glass) and potentially infectious wastes.
a lancet arch or window.
Closer to home, the family remained engaged in local affairs, making large donations to St Andrews Martyr's Church, where a beautiful lancet known as Forgan's Window is still preserved.
Once all the drops are in place, the nurse takes a tiny, pointed, plastic instrument called a lancet and scratches the skin through each droplet of extract.
You must take you blood from your fingertips, using a spring-loaded ‘pen’ and lancet .
Years later, falsely imprisoned for mutilating animals with a lancet , George writes to Doyle for help.
Patients use the kit's finger lancet to collect blood while routinely checking their blood glucose levels.
One of the pieces conserves part of a painted lion, probably a surviving portion of the arms of Louis d' Halluin, which seems to have disappeared from the right lancet .
Blood samples were obtained by finger lancet or from an arterial catheter.
Gauze, alcohol swab, lancet , and bandage are enclosed in one package and sized appropriately for either adult or pediatric patients.
He extracted teeth, stitched gashes, advised on pneumonia and sunstroke, set broken limbs, used the lancet and the thermometer.
A new lancet is used for each scratch to prevent cross-contamination of allergens.
a lancet clock