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lampoon / пасквиль, памфлет, злая сатира
имя существительное
libel, lampoon, pasquinade, squib
pamphlet, lampoon, squib
злая сатира
писать памфлеты
lampoon, squib
писать пасквили
lampoon, squib, libel
имя существительное
a speech or text criticizing someone or something in this way.
does this sound like a lampoon of student life?
publicly criticize (someone or something) by using ridicule, irony, or sarcasm.
the senator made himself famous as a pinch-penny watchdog of public spending, lampooning dubious federal projects
The story comes across as a lampoon of Hollywood, a sort of lame echo of Robert Altman's The Player.
So I was particularly impressed with John O'Farrell's lampoon of the new gambling laws in today's Guardian.
Nothing destroys a lampoon faster than someone unwilling to take it seriously.
does this sound like a lampoon of student life?
As noted earlier, this ideologically confused lampoon seems unsure of its target.
His taunting of the king and a scurrilous lampoon of Charles II in front of the French ambassador helps to seal his fate.
America's Sweethearts is first and foremost a lampoon of today's Hollywood, and its targets are as diverse as the cast.
Peter Rostovsky's third solo show at The Project was at once a lampoon of and homage to Romantic landscape painting.
However, in many ways the film is more of a lampoon of Hollywood than current US policy.
My Big Fat Greek Wedding is more in the nature of an embrace and celebration of Greek culture than it is a lampoon .