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lamplight / свет лампы, искусственное освещение
имя существительное
свет лампы
искусственное освещение
lamplight, candlelight
имя существительное
the light cast from a lamp.
he was working in the stables by lamplight
As I glanced towards it, I noticed the soft glow of kerosene lamplight through the two front windows.
The lamplight cast gentle shadows, and on the carpeted floor Ben's feet made no sound at all.
And the art, hung here and there and lit in one case by lamplight , was a hodgepodge of styles.
The soft lamplight made her blonde hair seem to glimmer.
I pictured him smoking, playing Leonard Cohen, and writing by lamplight , drifting and dreaming late into the night.
Andrew Miller was still up, reading a book in the parlor by lamplight .
Whether viewed by the daylight, a little subdued, or lamplight , the scenes depicted with telling effect the different characters so vividly described by Mrs Stowe.
The inhabitants had to wear greatcoats and cloaks inside when it was cold, and Carrington had to draw his plans by lamplight at night, after being out all day with his instruments.
In front of each chair lay a jeweled, ruby-encrusted goblet of wine, whose inlaid gemstones shone in the bright lamplight .
The kitchen was dark, but lamplight streamed down from upstairs, and Marie and Sam stepped quietly up the stone steps.