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lamentable / плачевный, прискорбный, печальный
имя прилагательное
deplorable, lamentable, sorrowful
deplorable, regrettable, grievous, lamentable, tragic, sorrowful
sad, sorrowful, mournful, deplorable, dismal, lamentable
имя прилагательное
(of circumstances or conditions) deplorably bad or unsatisfactory.
the facilities provided were lamentable, not merely basic but squalid
full of or expressing sorrow or grief.
Volunteers of any kind are fast becoming a dying breed and this is a lamentable fact.
According to City & Guilds, a lamentable lack of even basic IT training is one of the main problems.
That apart, this lamentable lack of learning is also what the American schooling system cultivates.
Nevertheless, while I am on my high horse, I reckon that the abandonment of Standard Grades at their secondary schools is a rather lamentable idea.
If that is right, it is in this case's circumstances wholly lamentable .
Aside from their palpable defensive frailties there was a lamentable lack of inspiration in midfield, whilst upfront John Sutton and Lovell mostly toiled in inglorious isolation.
Were it a better film, this would be a lamentable occurrence; as things are, it's not worth much more than a shrug.
It is worth remembering that, despite a lamentable lack of preparation and a reckless reliance on the offensive, France survived the opening months of the war with an impressive degree of unity.
Perhaps, instead of seeing the annual ritual of the Christmas party as indicating a lamentable weakness for excess, we should welcome it as a sign of our customary, compliant sobriety.
The events leading to The Great Bear's wayward sojourn are both lamentable and somewhat tragically amusing.